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First impression about Spain after visiting

– I see so many nice expensive cars. Maybe it is my misunderstanding because I just came from Africa?
– People try to save electricity really hard. When I go to the public washroom, always it is dark that I must turn on the right or push the button for automatic light.
– People usually don’t honk horn. But when I make some mistake, they are impatient and honk horn.
– People have dinner at late around 9 pm.
– They eat the cheese for the desert (There was a cheese on the table during dinner. I didn’t know it was for the desert that I just ate that with my meals. Sorry… hahaha. )
– Many people can’t speak English well. (I could speak a little bit of Spanish that it was okay for me.)
– I can drink tap water in Madrid, but in other city it is not recommended.
– I buy 2L water for 0.27 € (40 cents) in a big market
– I can buy food such as cheese and bread so cheaply in the big market I can find every place.
– But other things are so expensive.
– The south is for farming and the north is for the factory. So, northern Spain is richer than Southern Spain.
– Most of people blind their window all the time.
– The elevator is too small to fit my bicycle that I have to put it vertically.
– Actually they don’t need recycle hard because there is a big factory which recycles with a big blow machine.
– Around Barcelona this region is called Cataluna where people speak different language, Catalan. They want to become independent, because they are totally different tribe. But Spain never let them go, because this area is so good for money. I think Tibet=Quebec=Cataluna .. I am sure there are many tribes like this.
– People loves pigs. Jerked meet.
– People loves pigs and cheese, but they are thin.
– The government is corrupted like Korean one
– The rate of unemployed is too high such as 20% for a long time.
– People are enough generous and kind.
– There is no bicycle road. I got lost so many times to avoid a big main high way. Even the secondary road is too complicated to be found.
– There are lots of roundabouts.
– All cars wait the traffic sign, but when they come out of cars, they don’t wait the traffic sign. At the most of time, I saw that people just cross at the red light. (One of friends paid 100$ for penalty, but he still walks on the red light.)
– Although it is winter, at the day it is really good to cycle. But in the night it is too cold to sleep in a tent.

Small information for traveling in Mexico


(Last updated on Jan of 2012. If you’ve been recently or know new information, please leave a comment. Thanks!)

The government try to stop drugs. But people have said that it makes worse. I usually looked around the town with local people in the night. But I didn’t ride a bike in the night.

It’s not cheap. I think prices is like the US or Korea. It costs USD 4$~6$ or over 7$ for one meal. Snacks costs USD 1$~3$.

Usually they are so kind and generous. But some people were too friendly and it made me feel bad few times. Almost every people said to me that my house is your house. They are so easy-going and open mind.

The road
There is no shoulder around North of Mexico. But many cars are generous in highway so it was no problem to ride a bike in the highway. But you know there are also few crazy cars around the world. It’s a little bit dangerous in cities. Because many cars drive crazily in cities.

Pemex ,Gas station, is on every 10 km ~ 40 km. But I had to pay many times. If there is somebody, they let me into for free. But sometimes there is no people but auto-machine. It costs 2~4 pesos (USD 10~20cents)

Still I can’t understand that when I buy small bottle of water, then always I can taste something. You know usually water must not have taste anything. But when I get water from the people, then I can taste nothing. The Mexican people don’t drink tap-water but they buy 20L of water for the home. And that doesn’t have taste.

Always if there is Pemex, then you can find Oxxo which is a grocery. Also there are many small local restaurants on the road.

Big city
You can find Walmart and everything in the big city.

Telmex is company of internet and every house has that in their home. So it’s no problem to use WiFi if you stayed in someone’s house. I used WiFi almost every day in Mexico. But there is no free WiFi. Even McDonald and Starbucks don’t give you free WiFi.

PC cafe.
Every small and big cities have PC cafe and price can be less one dollar (USD).

Motel and Hotel
It can be between USD 20$ to 40$. I am not sure about it.

Local bus is not good but cost is 5 pesos to 7 pesos (USD 30 cents to 50 cents). City bus is very nice and even you can use WiFi in the bus and you can also choose seat. Cost is normal.


Journal I wrote while cycling in Mexico

[11/11/21~27(D+88) Mexico] Hola~!
[11/11/28~12/01(D+92) Mexico] You can’t buy it with money.
[11/12/01~14(D+105) Mexico] Just try. Who knows?
[11/12/15~17(D+108) Mexico] Am I getting a monster?
[11/12/18~26(D+117) Mexico] You are My Chirstmas Miracle.
[11/12/27~12/01/04(D+125) Mexico] It is sad to meet somebody.
[12/01/05~10(D+132) Mexico] What Mexico city means
[12/01/10~2/17(D+170) Mexico] Our happy time together.
[12/02/17~27(D+180) Mexico] I am on the road again.
[12/02/28~03/07(D+189) Mexico] I will be back to you someday.

Lviv -Ukraine- rental apartments (Ukrainian Local Rental sites)

Apartment Rental 2
Detail info included in English
You can ask the owner directly on the message. (I found the flat here and I didn’t pay any service fee. Even I got discount from the owner.)


Apartment Rental 1
Very detail system like + Review. Possible to pay on online



Apartment Rental 3
Run by one company that it is smaller than above websites. But it has good system that you can check available date. It is only about Lviv

Secondhand + Renting only in English

In Ukrainian




I do not recommend to use Airbnb to rent a flat.
-The way to lose money is to rent a flat on Airbnb, because you and an owner have to pay lots of service fee PER NIGHT to Airbnb. (Think about how long you will stay. If you stay over 30 days, then service fee *30 times (nights))
-Also Airbnb system is complicating that the owner could charge lots of money on your credit card you wrote on Airbnb after you left. The owner could say like you broke the door, which you didn’t do. Then it is very annoying and complicating to solve. Research about it on google.
-Try to use local website which doesn’t ask to pay lots of service fee or doesn’t interfere about paying that you can pay directly to the owner to avoid service fee.

The map of Schengen Area (The list of Schengen Area)


– Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

– The Schengen Area is the area comprising 26 European countries that have abolished passport and any other type of border control at their common borders, also referred to as internal borders.






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